Demo 2011

by Organs

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released November 7, 2011

Recorded by Ryan Scott Williams at 1602 Studios



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Organs Williamsport, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: The Downhill Life
Dissolving memories that I wanted to keep. That’s the best idea I could come up with. I’ll miss the smell of your basement and those little stories we told. Will you miss the cold bed or the stuttering of my voice?. I had one thing left to say and that is I hope you will be ok. Your voice doesn’t match your lips. Who feed you those lines, you take but you don’t give, that’s human nature. That’s fine. You fell out of love, that’s human nature that’s fine. That’s fine. That’s fine. I exhaled my last breath of summer and I learned that you cant save everything. Now I hope you can understand why I hate you.
Track Name: Pushing Off
They say you get what you deserve. Submerged. The tide is rolling over my head. They say I haven’t buried myself deep enough. When I resurface nothing has changed. Submerged. This is my unwritten life. I am not really good at anything. I have good intentions but I never take my own advice. I ignore the light that is leading me. I’ve been falling asleep anywhere but my bed. My throat fills with incoherent words and fragments that i spit up occasionally. This is my unwritten life, given to me by me. I can’t even finish a goddamn book. We’ll all die young. I don’t care that I am fucking up.